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Spring is Coming

by Tara

As much as I dearly love winter, there is nothing like a bit of warmth and sunshine to make me feel like a brand new person. Knowing it was going to get up to 65 degrees today, I awoke early, raring to tackle a few painting projects best done in mild weather. The early spring day was glorious and rejuvinating—I felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz when she awakens from her poppy-induced slumber.

You're out of the woods
You're out of the dark
You're out of the night
Step into the sun
Step into the light

The Wizard of Oz

In the sunshiny warmth, I worked on the final fascia and trim boards we need to affix to our roof. The last time I painted fascia, it was nearly winter; with a heater going in the Grindbygg, it was barely warm enough to paint. The boards took forever to dry, turning the relatively small project into a seemingly endless one. Making matters worse, the lumber filled the workshop completely, rendering it nearly impossible to maneuver through the mess and reach every board. Still, I kept at it in the hopes of finishing our roof before the worst of winter hit. In the end, I wasn't able to finish before real cold set in.

Now that it's warm, it's been a breeze to finish the project. I spent today out in the fresh spring air, listening to music, with plenty of space all around me. Everything dried quickly and easily. It was an absolute joy.

Painting and Staining Fascia by Grindbygg Studio

If the weather cooperates, we should be able to put the fascia and trim on the roof this weekend. And that will be a huge relief. While I can't say I want to spend our weekend on scaffolding, I am anxious to get it over and done with. A lot rides on our finishing the fascia! Without those boards installed, a roofing company can't install copper drip edge, better skylight flashing, and a new underlayment. And without that, we won't be ready to slate the roof.

Mostly I can't wait to have our leaky skylights fixed at last.

After a winter spent typing away on my computer, it feels phenomenal to be able to be productive outside again. I know we could very well get snowstorms in April or May, but now that I've gotten a taste of Spring, I am hoping against hope it will last. There's so much to do! Spring cleaning, slate roofing, and loads of other projects in the works!