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A Mural of a Ginger Fellow

by Tyler

Today, we received this email via our contact form:

hey there, Just to let you know I have painted a big mural of the ginger fellow holding a bug on wall. Its doesnt look exactly like him but hey! i used the photo!

Kibnd regards Sam which I replied:

Ahahahaha Sam, this is amazing news! I am that ginger fellow. Could you please send me a picture of the mural? I cannot wait to see it!!!! which he replied:

Ah great! Nice one for getting back to me! Il send you a picture whens its all finished! should be at the end of the week if the weather holds out!

heres my website.

Its in Cardiff!

I can't wait to see this thing! What photo will it be!? I searched through all of our photos that involve me and bugs and these seem like the best possible candidates:

Tyler with BUG! Tyler Holding a Bug Tyler with BUG! Tyler Holding a Bug Tyler Holding Huge Mongolian Bug (Koringkriek) Praying Mantis on Tyler's Arm

Updates to follow, I sincerely hope!