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Reconnecting: New Years in Charleston, Part Three

by Tara

This morning, a large group of folks left to explore the USS Yorktown, a battleship from World War II. Tyler and I were among the few with little interest in naval history and a lot of interest in cozy couches and novel-reading. We opted to stay in. Eventually, though, the stay-at-home contingency decided it was time to take a hike. We mustered the energy to close our books, get off the couches, and head out into nature.

We ended up at Patriot's Point, close to the battleship, in the hopes that we could meet up with our friends …also because we'd heard there was a beach nearby where we could find sharks' teeth!

Charleston's Ravenel Bridge Spirit of Charleston & USS Yorktown at Patriot's Point Lizza Looking for Crabs Boats at Patriot's Point

On the way to what turned out to be an elusive shark's tooth beach, we stopped often to look at birds. I am not a birder, but our friends Parks and Alexia are. It was loads of fun to learn about their passion.

Alexia Bird-Watching Parks Searching for Shark Tooth Beach Beautiful Bird Alexia Bird-Watching

Eventually, we found the beach: a grassy, sulfurous, salty, garbage-strewn swamp in front of a row of under-construction hotels. Needless to say, it was not at all what I'd been imagining. Still, we squelched around looking at shells and stones, searching for sharp, pointy teeth, and snacking on briny, bitter seabeans. It was all pretty low-key.

Parks & Alexia on Shark Tooth Beach [|24284646126,slideshow| Lizza Searching for Sharks' Teeth

...until Lizza found a shark's tooth! And then another!

Lizza Found a Shark's Tooth! Lizza Found a Shark's Tooth! Lizza Found a Shark's Tooth! Lizza Found a Shark's Tooth!

And then Alexia found a shark's tooth!

Alexia Found a Shark's Tooth!

And then I found two shark's teeth!

The guys never did find any.

Tyler Searching for Sharks' Teeth Parks Searching for Sharks' Teeth

When we eventually decided to leave the beach and head back to the car, however, Parks found a good-looking clump of oyster mushrooms growing on a tall, dead(?) tree trunk. It took several climbing tries, but eventually, he worked his way up there, busted out his pocket knife, and cut the mushrooms down.

Parks Climbing Tree to Get Oyster Mushrooms Parks Foraging Oyster Mushrooms

It was awesome! A day of walking, birding, searching, and foraging... priceless. (Literally.) I love my friends.

Tara & Lizza with Oyster Mushrooms