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Milling Trees into Lumber: Complete!

by Tyler

With the milling process nearing its end, Tara and I spent the morning hurriedly preparing a place to store our new wood supply. I knew we needed to do this weeks ago, but the importance of this task didn't really register until the lumber started piling up in front of me. In retrospect, I feel a bit foolish—of course we were going to wind up with an abundance of timbers—the pile of logs we started with was taller than me. Chalk it up to experience, I guess.

Dave Milling Wood with WoodMizer Portable Sawmill

After choosing a spot close to the driveway, easily accessible to our truck and trailer, we laid out five 6x6" chines and spent the better part of an hour fiddling to get them level with one another. As soon as we were done, Dave started bringing over the newly sawn beams.

Milled Lumber!

Next up, we have to build a shed around the pile!