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First Night in the House!

by Tara

Well, I've been saying that I didn't want to move in the house until it was finished (I couldn't bear for life to become less comfortable than it already was in our camper, and I desperately did not want to live in a construction zone) but here we are. There are bugs on the wall and plaster all over the floor, but there is a fire crackling away in our wood stove, radiating warmth and an unmistakable feeling of homeyness.

Fire in Morso 1440 Wood Stove

And so, on this dark, cold night, when temperatures will be dipping into the low 20s, I am thrilled to be sleeping here, on our newly-finished loft floor in our down sleeping bag, plaster chunks or no. Goodbye and good riddance, camper. We won't be needing you any longer.

Us: First Night in Our Cottage! Candle In Unfinished Cottage Loft