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Roatan Vacation Ends

by Going Slowly

Our two week vacation is at an end, and it is sadly time to say goodbye to our buddies. Thank you, Pete and Natasha for encouraging us to chill out with you somewhere tropical. Thanks for the many piña coladas, and our nightly sunset-watching tradition. Thanks for going night diving with us, and experiencing magical, rave-worthy bioluminescent dinoflagellets. Thank you, too, for inspiring a night of pizza-eating and movie-watching. Above all, thank you for being you.

Natasha & Pete Before Night Scuba Dive Us Before Night Scuba Dive Casa de La Playa in Roatan Palm Trees in Roatan Little Richard the Boat Hill Side Garden Cabins in Roatan Hibiscus Sun Divers in Roatan Cindy's Place in West End Roatan Chicken Baleada Pete & Tyler Kayaking Natasha Photographing Sunset Sunset in Roatan Orchid Beach by Night

We love you and will miss you! See you in Central America this time next year! (If not before.)