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Preparing to Scuba Dive in Roatan

by Tara

When Natasha approached us about joining her and Pete in Roatan, a major selling point was the fact that we'd get to learn to scuba dive together. To get a PADI Open Water Diver Certification (the gateway to scuba diving) one must complete two different sets of classes: first, some "book work" to learn about the basics, and then a series of hands-on lessons in the water with a dive instructor.

We opted to do our out-of-water work before the trip, watching slideshows and videos at to complete their e-learning course. Now we're set for dive instruction to begin with Ellie at Sun Divers tomorrow! Though we could borrow gear from our dive shop, we opted to buy the basics so we'll be able to at least go snorkeling whenever we want. Apparently Roatan is one of the best places to dive and snorkel in the world!

I have to say, the gear looks ridiculous.

Natasha Testing Scuba Mask Pete Testing Scuba Mask Tyler Testing Scuba Mask Natasha Testing Scuba Mask Natasha & Scuba Mannequin Tara Testing Scuba Mask Tyler Testing Scuba Fins

And by that I mean ridiculously awesome.

Natasha Relaxing on the Couch

Tomorrow, our classes begin!