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Electrical Wiring in Strawbale Cottage

by Tyler

For the past few mornings, I have been wiring outlets, light switches and speaker cables in the house.

Tyler Sketching Electrical Diagram

Each box gets a plywood plate with tar paper and blood lathe.

Tyler Cutting Out Electrical Plates for Straw Bale Building Straw Bale Building Outlet Box Plate Ready for Tar Paper Straw Bale Building Electrical Box Plates After Tar Paper

I run the lines through the wall, chainsawed into grooves a few inches deep. In places where we have exterior lights, I fish the electrical wire through the wall using a baling needle.

Wiring Outside Light Wiring Outside Light Tyler Stapling Wire Mesh to Outlet Plate

Today, I taught myself to wire a three-way switch so we can turn on the light over our living area from both the doorway and our bedroom.

Tyler Learning to Wire a Three-Way Switch Tyler Learning to Wire a Three-Way Switch: Success! Tyler Wiring Light Fixture in Straw Bale Cottage

Here it is!

Tyler Powering our First Light with Generator!