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Cereal Days

by Tara

We've been a little obsessed with cereal lately, eating bowls of the stuff not only for breakfast but at all times of the day. I think our food choices have to do with the facts that a) it's flipping hot out, and I can't bear to turn on the oven or even light the stove, and b) cereal requires zero time and effort to prepare, allowing us to get from famished to satisfied ASAP.

We have a veritable arsenal of cereals in our pantry at all times— options range from organic, gluten-free flax-pumpkin-raisin cereal, to gigantic bags of the cheapest stuff we can find, labeled with ridiculous names.

What'll it be today? Frosted Mini Spooners? Honey Nut Bumpers? Cinnamon Scooters?

Someday, when it isn't so hot and when we're less tuckered out from all of our building projects, I'm sure we'll take to our camper's tiny kitchen again with relish. In the meantime, cereal it is.