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Cottage Roof Decking

by Tara

It's amazing how much we can accomplish on a non-rainy weekend—with Tyler having two entire days to work with me on our house instead of his programming, we're able to make a ton of progress! Today, we focused on installing roof-decking, a task to which Tyler is far more suited than I. While he leapt around on the rafters, I stayed firmly planted on earth, cutting pieces of decking to length and handing them up to him.

Tyler Peeking in The Roof

The paneling we laid is purely aesthetic—soon there will be SIP panels resting on top of it. So, we only installed it on the portions of the house we'll see when we look up from the outside, under the eaves and gables. (In the next entry, I'll post more about the ceiling we'll see inside.)

Cottage Roof Decking Installation Begins Tyler Affixing Roof Decking to Cottage

Tyler is so freaking nimble! The cottage roof is much steeper than the grindbygg or the solar shed, but this fact didn't seem to slow him down. I have ceased to be worried when he climbs things—today I just gaped and marveled at his nimbleness. Go sweetie go!

Tyler Climbing Cottage Roof Tyler Climbing Cottage Roof Tyler Climbing Cottage Roof Tyler Climbing Cottage Roof Tyler on Cottage Ridge Beam

It's awesome how much the roofing process has defined the space—this little frame is turning into a house!

Tyler on Ridge Beam, Affixing Roof Decking