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February 2013, in Photos

by Going Slowly
Tom Playing Gloom Hercilia, Tyler, Tara & Jeremy Tyler Pumping Water from our Well Tara Building Compost Bins Rick & Tyler Talking Allan Working on a Chainsaw Us by a Fire in a Snowstorm Tyler & Hercilia + Birthday Cake w/ Candles Sal the Sheep Morning Sunrise Over the Green Mountains Seen From Our Land Rick Digging out a Maple Stump Game Night @ Cold Antler Farm Lisa & Mark (Mom & Dad) Waving Goodbye Winter Wonderland on Maple HIll Fire in the Jotul Woodstove Mark, Lisa, and Tara Walking Through our Woods Mark & Lisa (Mom & Dad) Jenna's Goat Barn at Cold Antler Farm Tyler Splitting Wood Tara Stacking Wood ABC News Cameraman