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You Say Take Away

by Tyler

Tara's brother, Lian, is a union organizer. Today, Tara and I joined him during one of his outings: a quick visit to a neighboring union's strike. On a corner across the street from their hospital, a group of nursing professionals calmly held signs in protest of healthcare cuts that would make it prohibitively expensive for them to bring their children to get treatment where they work.

Nurses' Strike

Lian, always an instigator, livened the relatively quiet protest up a bit, grabbing a bullhorn to encourage the workers to be a little more enthusiastic. When he started, one shy lady offered, "we're not really the chanting kind"—with a little bit of his encouragement, they all got fired up.

Lian at Nurses' Strike Nurses' Strike Nurses' Strike

It was great to see Lian in action, and to learn a bit about the labor movement from someone on the ground who fights in it daily. Tara is so proud of him and the work that he does, and we can't help but think it's the perfect job for him: he gets to be outside, fighting for justice and empowering people practically every day!

Lian & Bullhorn

While at the strike, Lian led everyone in several kicky, rhythmic chants, one of which has stuck with us ever since (we're writing this entry from notes a few months after it actually happened). It comes in handy frequently when we're editing photos, and it goes a little something like this:

Tyler "We should delete that photo!"
Tara "No way."
Tyler "Seriously, it is awful, just delete it!"
Tara "You say 'take away', I say NO WAY!"
Tyler "Take away!"
Tara "No way!"
Tyler "Take away!"
Tara "No way!"

Thanks Lian!