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Surprise: It's Freddie and Guy!

by Tyler

The morning we arrived in Bangkok, we spent most of the day "tending to the chaos", busily writing and editing photos in Shanti Lodge's restaurant while we waited to check into our hotel room (it was occupied until check-out time). In the midst of our work, we were flabbergasted to hear a chipper Aussie voice call out behind us:

Two laptops, two touring bicycles—it must be Tara and Tyler!

We whirled around to see a pair of friendly faces: it was Guy and Freddie of A Bike Journey! Though we'd been in contact for ages (our first chat was Skyping with an incredulous Guy from a tent in Romania about working from the road), we'd yet to meet in person. Even though we had an entire year's head-start on their departure from the UK, the pair caught up with us in Thailand!

We were expecting to meet in Bangkok, but we had thought they were going to show up a day or two after us. The happy surprise was met with a round of hugs and excited conversation. They'd just flown in from their tour of India, and would be staying in Bangkok for a few days to take a breather as they prepared for the next stage of their adventure.

One evening, they graciously took us on our second-ever tuk-tuk ride, and treated us to dinner at a rooftop restaurant where we ate by lantern light, overlooking the bustling Bangkok cityscape.

Bangkok Tuk-Tuk Driver in Traffic Bangkok Rooftop Restaurant Guy & Freddie

Over the course of the following week, we spent a lot of time with our new/old friends, talking about life on the road, plans for our mutual returns home, and how they felt that, when the end of their adventure comes, they will be just as ready for it to be over as we were. Once they're all settled into their new lives, we'll just have to go visit them in Australia!

It was a joy to meet you, Freddie and Guy! Thank you so much for dinner and the pleasure of your company!