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Working in Da Lat

by Going Slowly

Yesterday, after a windy ride up our eight hundred meter climb into Da Lat, we were spared a long, drawn out hunt for accommodation. Just a few minutes after arriving in the city, we hit the lodging jackpot: Le Phoung Hotel, a new construction right in the middle of the city.

Le Phuong Hotel Da Lat Tara

They opened just three months ago, so everything is bright, shiny, and new. The woman who runs the place is a total sweetheart, and chats to us every time we come downstairs, asking all kinds of questions about our adventure, and the (very dirty) bikes which have brought us to her (very clean) lobby.

Le Phoung Hotel

This morning, we wake feeling thankful for our bright, airy accommodation. With clean lines, neutral colors, and the sun streaming through the window, this room is restful on the eyes, giving our minds a much-needed break from the constant stream of stimuli we experience on the road.

Le Phuong Hotel, De Lat

We putter over to our balcony to take a quick peek of the city and a breath of fresh air…

Le Phuong Hotel Balcony, De Lat

And then we get dressed, eager to visit one of Da Lat's French bakeries for breakfast. After the last few days of noodle soup, noodle soup and even more noodle soup, we couldn't be more jubilant about getting to eat a western meal!


Courtesy of a thoughtful donation from reader David Iliff, we spend an easy morning enjoying a rich spread of croissants, fresh fruit, fried eggs, bacon, and cereal with cold milk, a treat neither of us can recall the last time we had. It feels like the ultimate in luxury.

Thanks David!

Once we're done with breakfast, we head back to our breezy, inviting hotel room for a relaxing day at work, writing and programming. It's time to bring home the bacon!

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