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Temples of Angkor: Sleepy Afternoon

by Going Slowly

Back on the trails, we find this tiny little out of the way temple that isn't even on our map! There, we succumb to the inevitable and take a nap. It becomes apparent a bit later that we weren't the only ones dozing off!

Tyler Napping at Krol Ko Temple Man in Hammock Near Neak Pean Temple Cambodian Girl in Hammock Cambodian Woman Sleeping

The rest of our afternoon is spent slowly biking around, admiring the landscapes, checking out temples like Ta Som and Preah Kahn. The ruins are quiet, and they each present their own unique appeal. Despite the general awesomeness, they are all lacking in our favorite thing: the prodigious trees of Ta Prohm.

Ta Som Temple Ruins Ta Som Temple Preah Khan Temple Preah Khan Temple Preah Khan Temple Preah Khan Temple Cambodian Bicycle Cambodian Flowers

Once we've completed our circuit, it's time to head home. On the docket for tonight: we're going to watch The Killing Fields, and get another round of pizza, our third so far.

Tara Cycling Out of Angkor Temples

…but before we make it back to our hotel, we stop for snacks, in the process, discovering a new Cambodian treat: sweet fried sesame buns. What a delicious way to end a day of temple-hopping!

Cambodian Woman Making Fried Pastries Cambodian Fried Pastries Rolling Sesame See Bun Frying Sesame Seed Bun Sesame Seed Fried Buns