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Making Calendars

by Tara

I've been busy making our 2011 Photo Calendars this afternoon. In the process of looking at the thousands of photographs we've taken, I find myself pleasantly side-tracked, suddenly steeped in our stories, awash in the rich memories evoked by each one. It's like going on a mini-vacation!

As I am paging my way through our photos, I land on what might be three of my very favorite shots from this year. Suddenly, I am transported away from the hustle and bustle of the crazy mess that is Phnom Penh, and I've emerged in the mountains of Italy in the depths of winter. Swoon!

Potenza Morning Skyline

I remember everything about this chilly wintry morning in Potenza. How good it felt to find myself in pressed white sheets after several days of free-camping, and how lucky I felt to wake up so early, beating the alarm clock and its incessant beeping to start my twenty sixth birthday peacefully.

Potenza Morning Skyline

I vividly recall how I emerged from Tyler's sleepy embrace and padded over to the window, and how the magnificent pink, smoky view took my breath away. I can almost feel the rush of cold, invigorating air that poured over my face as I opened the windows and leaned out to take these pictures.

Potenza Morning Skyline

It was such beautiful start to a new year of life.

Now, back to photo sorting!