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Rest at Last

by Tyler

It took five days of non-stop activity, but we've managed to sort through everything! Our car has been donated to the Mongolian government, our tickets to Bangkok are booked, and our bicycles are packed and ready to go. With all of the logistics behind us, our excitement is rapidly growing.

Bikes Packed!

I can hardly believe we're actually going to Thailand! Our flight doesn't leave for two more days, so we have a bit of rest and writing to look forward to. But first, we're off to have dinner with Rob and Neisha.

In other news, I just realized that, as of today, we've been traveling for exactly one and one half years. It feels as though we've packed an entire lifetime's worth of experience into the last 547 days. It is genuinely overwhelming to think about what we've done.

Whatever the last 180ish days have to bring, we're ready!