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Flooding in Lopburi

by Tyler

Thailand is currently in the midst of the worst flooding the country has seen in decades. Ever since we arrived, the rain in Lopburi has been unrelenting. Thankfully, both our hotel and Bualuang are on high enough ground not to be affected (so far). During a brief lull in the storms this afternoon, I ran out to take pictures.

Lopburi Flooding

In spite of the damage the rising water is surely causing, everyone seems to be having a great time. The people making sandbags and running the pumps are all smiles, and those who aren't busy working are relaxing in hammocks as per usual. Everyone else is busy playing in the floodwaters!

Kids Playing in Lopburi Flood Lopburi Flooding Boating on the Flood Kids Playing in Lopburi Flood Kids Playing in Lopburi Flood Lopburi Flood

I'm sure the floods present a much bleaker picture in more rural areas, but from our vantage point, it is business as usual, just a bit wetter. Ad says that the streams now inundating Lopburi's streets are rushing south for Bangkok, and that they should reach the city in a few days. It sounds like the capital is in for a pretty serious drenching.

Though the rainy season will soon be shuffled away by the cooler northeasterly monsoons, the torrent pouring forth seems to be making the best of what little time it has left. As for us, we're in no rush for the water levels to fall – it looks like we'll be "stuck" here a few days more, eating our hearts out.