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Apple Pie for Ad

by Tara

Dad, it's like those things in the freezer!" Boss exclaims, after watching us prepare a homemade apple pie. "Nah man," Ad replies, "this is the real deal!"

It has been years since Ad was able to enjoy a real apple pie. So long, in fact, that his eleven year old son only knows of the dessert's existence via McDonald's. When Ad visits Bangkok, he buys their goober-filled fritters in large quantities to stockpile in the freezer at home, ready for whenever he's craving a taste of America.

When he casually asked if we knew how to make apple pie, Tyler and I happily and eagerly agreed to bake him one. It's the least we can do to repay all of this hospitality. Besides, we've gotten pretty good at making apple pies in foreign countries.

Pie-making is another one of those things, that, to the untrained eye, might seem mysterious and hopelessly complicated. It is, in fact, fairly simple, even with a funny pan and a huge, gas-powered industrial oven with very poor temperature control.

Us Making Apple Pie Tara Making Apple Pie Making Apple Pie in Thailand Making Apple Pie in Thailand Making Apple Pie in Thailand

Once the golden brown pie is out of the oven, there is some contention about when pie-eating should occur. Ad and Tyler seem to think that refrigration is the best idea, as apparently, a pie should be eaten cold. Sansanee and I are horrified, for everyone knows that apple pie is best when warm and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. DUH.

PS: Here are some photos I took for you, grandma! Here's the rest of the family: Ad's wife, Tik, and their daughter, Bua.

Ad, Tik & Boss Tik, Sansanee, Bua, Ad, & Boss