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Working in Poland

by Tyler

We spent the majority of our day cozied up in the tent, pleasantly overwhelmed by what has become our typical rest/work day routine: responding to a zillion emails, writing, and programming. While Tara tapped out a few journal entries and responded to comments, I prepared another upgrade for our site.

Flickr recently launched a new picture size, and it just happens to fit perfectly into our journal! Since we are now hosting it ourselves, it only took a few database queries and some minor housecleaning to implement for all of our entries. It is hard to believe, but we have something like 5,000 photos in our journal. Each and every one of them is now just a little bit bigger.

New Size:

Camping in Poland

Thanks flickr programmers!

The only other thing of note today: we discovered our nicely shaded pitch is located directly under several sap-leaking trees. Both our rain-fly and car are now covered with an awful, sticky sprinkle of tiny sap droplets. Ugh.

Fortunately, we have Shaklee Basic H in one of our panniers. A few months ago we confirmed it could be used to clean our tent without ruining the waterproofing (by crossing our fingers and just trying it). It should do the trick, so we're going to give it a shot tomorrow. For the moment, we just moved the tent.

We've only just re-entered Eastern Europe, but we're spotting more cats and dogs already! Here is the resident mouse-chaser at our campsite:

Campsite Cat Campsite Cat