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Not Riding

by Tyler

Today was the second in our three day rest at Bluesoleil campground in Rouffignac. While I feel incredibly fortunate to have gainful employment on our trip I am really, really looking forward to having a rest day (someday) that isn't filled with programming. Today wasn't that day; I spent almost all of it under a tree working. Really though, I have nothing to complain about; look at my office!

Tyler Working

As usual Tara did our laundry (thanks honey!):

Clothesline View

…and took photos of our campsite:

Bluesoleil Campground Bluesoleil Campground Swimming Pool

(I did take a break from work to swim with Tara)

Bar Tables

I didn't "finish" (the work never ends, I just call it quits eventually) working until nearly 8PM. To my pleasant surprise Tara had prepared a delicious crumb crust apple pie while I was busy. I am the designated backpacker oven baker and I was more than happy to perform the task of baking our dessert. Maintaining an even temperature in our oven for 20-30 minutes is a bit tricky but I am getting a lot better at it. It turned out wonderfully, not burnt at all!

Backpacker Oven Pie Bake Apple Pie w/ Crumb Crust

We've settled into our tent for the night, cozily reading some journal entries by our friends Andrew and Friedel of the Travelling Two and watching Lost. We have another free day tomorrow!