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Bowling in Bran

by Tyler

We decided to take advantage of our cheap, electricity- and internet-providing accommodations this morning, opting to spend the day working rather than packing up for our next destination, the nearby town of Braşov.

Vampire Camping Vampire Camping

I had expected it would be difficult to stay connected in Eastern Europe, but thankfully, it hasn't been a problem at all. I really hope the same holds true for Russia and Mongolia.

Tyler Programming

There is a bowling alley just a few minutes' walk from our campground. Bowling in Transylvania… who would have thought? After a productive morning and afternoon of knocking down to-do list items for my clients, we decided to head over for a look.

We were hoping for a kitchy, late-afternoon full of sliding on wood floors, eating pizza, drinking beer, snacking on nachos, and listening to terrible music. "Maybe we'll meet some Romanian bowlers!", we thought.

Tara Bowling

Sadly, our imaginations proved to be no match for reality. We were the only people there. There was no greasy pizza. No plastic trays of nachos. No radioactive orange cheese dip. No seedy, smoking bowling leagues. Nothing but a few empty lanes.

Tyler Bowling

We did get cool bowling shoes, though.

Bowling in Romania

But there wasn't even any music! Just the quiet thunk of our balls hitting the floor, and more often than not, rolling into the gutter. We are terrible bowlers.

We Are Terrible Bowlers

It was a bit of a let-down, but we still had fun, just the two of us. When our game was over, we walked back the way we'd come, enjoying the pre-dusk scenery until we reached our campsite.

Outskirts of Bran, Romania Vampire Camping

Vampire Camping is currently chock full of Dutch campers. On our way back to the tent, I stopped to talk to one of them and ogle her gargantuan Saint Bernard.

Giant Saint Bernard Giant Saint Bernard

Look at the size of this guy! When I patted him on the head, he responded by trying to bite my face off. Seriously. My heart skipped more than a few beats. Yikes!

Giant Saint Bernard

I made it back to our pitch, rejoining Tara just as the another batch of rain came pouring in. We spent the rest of the evening watching Lord of the Rings.

After the movie, the rain stopped and we went to try out the bench swing near the shower block. Tara reports that she wants one just like it when we get home, only without the squeaking.

Vampire Camping Swing

It was a good day. For the first time in a very long time, I got all of my emails dealt with so that my work and personal inboxes were empty. Phew!

Tomorrow we head to Braşov!

Vampire Camping by Night