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Down the Road

by Tyler

We bid farewell to the Gaskells (just Liz, everyone else was at work) this morning around 10am after yet another generous breakfast of croissants, apple crisp, cereal and orange juice. I am happy to be on the road again but I will miss our ready made breakfasts and morning conversation with our new friends.

Our ride was fairly uneventful; we kept things at a good clip along country roads for most of the day enjoying a brisk tailwind and easy hills. Tara and I both commented a day or two ago that we are starting to feel more comfortable on our bikes than we are on foot! The first day at the Gaskells' it was hilarious how clumsy we were. I'm sure it has more to do with being a bit sore than forgetting how to walk but we're definitely becoming one with our bicycles.

Public Walkway Rapeseed Flower

After five hours of cycling (roughly 40 miles) we arrived at Poltern Hill campsite in Marlborough with plenty of daylight left. We took our time setting up camp, letting our rain fly and ground sheet dry out under the sun before putting the tent up, and all of our things into it. Even though we tear our tent down and put it up almost daily, everything has a place and we make sure everything makes it to its place each time. It really feels like home.

When we were through making camp Tara ran to the bathroom to give herself a much needed (in her opinion) haircut. While she hacked away at her locks, I became absorbed working on my Arnis stickwork. She emerged cheerfully from the ladies' bathroom (with significantly less hair) after an hour or so and I got to work on our journals for the past few days while she made dinner. Tara used our new wind shield (gifted to us by Richard) while making a cheesy rice concoction. It was many times more effective than the crappy tinfoil that comes with our stove and much easier to use!

By the time Tara had finished dinner another hour had gone by and I was still working on the journals. Keeping up on our writing has required a massive amount of discipline for us. As I sifted through the last three un-posted entries preparing them for publication, I was reminded yet again why we are journaling. The entry from three days ago was full of things I'd already forgotten about! I am nearly as excited to read this when we get home as I was to leave for our trip while we were still preparing!

We're off to see the Avebury stone circle tomorrow!