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Strolling Around Stip

by Tyler

On our "rest" days, we often make grand plans for sightseeing, and then end up spending most of the day inside. It is astonishingly easy to lose an entire morning, afternoon and evening making route plans, writing journals, responding to emails, managing our trip finances, and for me particularly: programming.

We always have a good laugh when we catch up with our respective work, inboxes and journals. It usually involves a cheerful high-five and a "We did it!" followed by busting up laughing because the journals never stop coming and our inboxes somehow manage to fill up every 24 hours no matter how hard we try to keep up. We're not complaining though, this trip has been and continues to be the most enjoyable, rewarding work either of us has ever done!

Today's excursion was much briefer than we had intended it to be. That's okay though, we spend enough time outside! Here are a few photos of the outskirts of Stip.

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