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Short Ride to Chania

by Tyler

It was another bright, clear day on Crete. We awoke sore and tired from yesterday's climbing, glad we had a short day ahead of us. After a grocery/pastry run in a sleepy nearby village, we hit the road, headed to the coast.

We made it to Chania with ease, music blaring on our iPods as we lazily spun our legs under the warm Cretan sun. Arriving in the outskirts of town we found a reasonably priced hotel, conveniently located across the street from a very expensive one offering free wifi in range! Always thankful to have our lodging handled without too much hassle, we settled in for a relaxing afternoon of working and writing.

Tomorrow, before we bid Crete a fond farewell, we're going to have a walk around the old Venetian harbor just down the road. The rest of Chania hasn't been that amazing so far, but we're told the oceanfront is truly beautiful.