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Journal Interface Update

by Tyler

We've received several emails from people saying that they often accidentally click on images and feel it is confusing when they are directed to a Flickr photo page. I've updated our site so that when you click on an image it will display a larger size without leaving our journal.

For anyone who liked the easy access to our Flickr photo pages (to look at the original photo for example), you can still do so from the new pop-up. Just click the icon in the lower right hand corner.

This is probably a non-issue for everyone except us (we routinely have very slow connections), but it is advisable to wait until all of the images have loaded before you start clicking to enlarge or it may take awhile to display the pop-up.

You can give this a shot by clicking on the image below, hopefully this makes things a little more intuitive!

Potenza Morning Skyline