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Oceanside Free Camp

by Going Slowly


This morning while we ate breakfast a pack of stray kittens wandered tentatively into our picnic area. They all seemed to be in pretty rough shape so I tossed a piece of bread their way to see if they were hungry enough to eat it. Sure enough, the bravest of the three executed a precious kitten-dive at the morsel and promptly devoured it in a scene of adorable sadness.

Stray Kitten Stray Kitten Eating Bread

Feeling awful for the little guys (or girls?) and commenting how we'd have three new family members if we were at home, we threw several pieces of bread out to them and everyone joined in. I also found a small piece of plastic littered in the ditch that made for a half decent bowl of water and the kitties drank two helpings. I hope they learn how to hunt :(

Stray Kittens

After breakfast we rode down the coast a bit further and stopped at a marina where we were able to liberate some electricity, catch up on our journals and wander around town a bit.

Tyler By Spigot Finding Power Gelato! Menu Man Peperoncino Fino


The first free-camp we looked at settling into tonight was perfect until a veritable tornado of bloodthirsty mosquitoes started landing in droves on both of us. The scene was one part comedy, one part horror as we raced away in a dancing, hopping and swatting flurry out of the field we'd pushed into, fleeing like frightened children from an imagined monster. Safely back on the road we joked that what we'd just experienced must be similar to being cornered and pummeled in a boxing ring by someone of much greater ability.

Coast Road

We decided there was no way we could set up without being massacred and continued on until we found a secluded pathway to the beach. What we discovered at the end of the tiny footpath was a free-camp heaven just a few hundred feet from the shore. Unfortunately, we quickly realized that our new location was almost as buggy as the last. This time around we decided it was too perfect to leave and danced around like idiots until we managed to lean our bikes together and then ran headlong into the safety of the sea.

The Bikes Beach Sunset

After a fantastic bug-free swim, Tyler announced that he was going to set up camp, and that I should stay in the water. I have never felt so grateful in my life. Seriously he was so brave. Practically a knight in shining armor off to slay a dragon for me, Tyler assembled our entire home while under heavy fire from bloodthirsty insects. All so I wouldn't have to be subjected to the inevitable assault. When a home was ready and waiting, he ran back into the water covered in red battle scars. Thanks honey!

Beach Free Camp Tara Cleaning Sunset Over Water

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