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Holding Pattern

by Tyler

We're still in Silvaplana waiting for our new rims to arrive. It has only been three days and we're already getting a case of cabin fever! Hopefully we'll settle back into staying put, as it looks like we'll be here until early next week. Thankfully our campsite has beautiful views, electricity, and free wifi. I am getting a lot of work done but I'd much rather be cycling in northern Italy.

Despite being landlocked, Switzerland has "surfer towns"! Everything is laid back here and seems to be geared towards kite and wind-surfing, most especially our campsite which is right next to Lej da Silvaplauna (Lake Silvaplana in Romansh):

Lake Silvaplana Flying Kites Kitesurfing

We're both eager to get back on the road but there are definitely worse places to be "stranded"!