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A Day in the Life

by Tyler

Rather than write another journal entry about what we ate or how the roads were I've decided to document what our daily life is like. Below is an outline of a typical day bicycling around the world (for us) with 56 days under our belt.


07:30 AM: Alarm goes off (we often wake before it these days)
08:30 AM: We actually get moving
09:00 AM: Camp is 80% packed. We are making breakfast and hopefully taking showers.
10:30 AM: Breakfast is finished, the bikes are packed, showers are complete.


11:00 AM: We are on the road, looking to cover 25-30 miles, singing "On the Road Again"
01:00 PM: We stop to have lunch.
01:30 PM: Back on the road again.
04:00 PM: We stop to pick up supplies in a town near our destination.
04:30 PM: Back on the road again.


05:00 PM: Arrive at camp, check in.
06:00 PM: Camp is made, dinner is being prepared.
06:30 PM: Dinner is made, we're eating.
07:30 PM: Dishes are done, snacks and lunch are prepared for tomorrow.
08:00 PM: Journalling, reading, arnis, working, relaxing, bike maintenance etc.
11:00 PM: Tara goes to bed.
12:30 PM: Tyler goes to bed.

Tara suggested we include some information about our day, here is what we did:

  • Tara cycled REALLY fast for about 10 miles straight—it was great!

  • We stopped at a farm shop and bought a pre-dressed wild rabbit, a pint of milk, and one stalk of rhubarb.

  • Our campsite was a ridiculously over-the-top holiday (trailer) park complete with arcade, pool, restaurant, private beach, laundry mat, insane numbers of caravans, and zillions of yelling, crying children.

  • Tara tore apart our wild rabbit after looking in our Wild Gourmet book for how to cook it. She had to cut out all kinds of organs you normally don't deal with when you buy neatly pre-packaged meats. After being sufficiently grossed out she informed me that I will be in charge of meat preparation when we start hunting on our (yet to be purchased) land years from now.

Lastly, here are some photos!

Tree Canopy Road Ridiculous Coastline COWS Rusted Hand Wild Rabbit