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Stopping to Work

by Tyler

We've stopped very early today as I have a few unfinished work projects that need to be completed. My biggest clients have all placed an incredible amount of trust in me that I will keep their software running from abroad and for this I am very thankful. The next few days will be full of computer programming and videoconferencing.

We had a heck of a time finding a campsite last night so we decided to take it easy this morning. Instead of rushing to the road we had our first camping breakfast and it was delicious; scrambled eggs and popovers in our oven with honey butter. Yum!

A few miles into our ride we stopped to wander around the beach before heading inland. There were beautiful shells everywhere and we picked several to send to Tara's grandfather.

Shell Picking

Just a bit down the road from the beach there were some clouds in the sky that looked very much like a watercolor I did several months ago. We stopped (again!) to snap some photos. Tara had a clever idea; here is a picture of me coloring in the sky:

Paint the Sky

…And just a bit down the road from THAT I ran into some bicycle troubles. Every few pedal strokes (depending on the gear) there was a very noticable crunch/chunk/click so I pulled over to investigate while Tara snapped photos of the gorgeous scenery. My chain seemed like the most likely culprit since it wasn't happening at the same place in each pedal stroke. I pulled it off and inspected each link. Sure enough I found one that had some pretty nasty grit in it. After I finished cleaning and reassmebling everything it was back to normal. Phew.

Fixing Chain
So far I have one complaint and it is very minor. It is impossible to keep my hands clean!
Ridiculous Colors

Tara and I both chuckled and commented on how any other bicycle tourers would probably hate to ride with us since we stop all the time. We like it though. We're not here to put down miles, we're here to soak it all in. That means going slowly (nice branding huh?).

We rolled into Warkworth very early and it was full of over-dressed Eastergoers. We are now staying in what I would call a fancy hotel, the Warkworth House. I feel very out of place here and I find myself wishing we were hitting the road again tomorrow.

Tara is making sandwiches with a bowie knife about two feet away from me and we're going to cook with our Whisperlite on the sly later. We definitely don't belong in this hotel!

It sure is nice to have all of our needs taken care of! Dial 0 to have milk brought up! There is a garbage can in the room so we don't have to collect it and find public trash cans to put it in. We have a shower! Water that comes in glass bottles! All the tea I can drink, and a contraption that actually heats water without a flame!

I guess it will be nice to have a few days to reflect upon what we're doing and maybe to write a bit about it as well. In any case, I'd better get to work!

In Years Past and Future
2010 - The Food Game: Serbia Edition


Please follow your feelings. I find that it,s the best way. Take a day off and enjoy. Love ya. GM
Posted by The Mathman on April 12th, 2009 at 10:51 PM
I wanted to wait until you guys had been on the road a while and found your "groove and flow" of life on the open road before I posted any comments. I have read your post about your journeys and have enjoyed all the beautiful photos you two provide that add as visual communicators about your travels. Words can express your thoughts and feelings, but photos allow the viewer to become part of your journey through emotional connection (emotional content!) I love that about your journals...I feel as though I am experiencing this journey with you!

Tara and Tyler I want you know that it has truly been my privilege to be part of your lives and preparation for this trip. I have met a lot of people throughout my lifetime, many are considered to be inspirational individuals ,especially those in the martial arts who have had strong influence on my training and personal perspective and lifestyle. This opportunity, to share with you something that I hold with such high regard and respect has been an absolute honor. Your dedication, motivation, and relentless determination, has been a great influence on myself and everybody involved with our group....with OUR family! Your energy and presence are definitely missed. We all talk about you two. The bar has been raised in regards to what we expect from our students, thanks to you Tara and Tyler. You need to know, especially while you are going slowly on the road and taking in as much as you can, that we are always thinking of you. You are highly respected members of our family and can't wait to have you back in the studio. You have inspired all of us!

Please stay safe! I look forward to our continued training, building of our friendship, and following your travels through your journals and beautiful photos!

Take care, give each other a great big hug from us, keep smiling, and remember........We Love You Guys!!!

Maestro Jim
Posted by Jim on April 13th, 2009 at 1:37 PM
You guys have posted a lot of GREAT photos, but I must admit, the one with Tyler "painting" the sky is genius! That is such a cool photo. It is the epitome of you two and your journey....the world (or in this case, the SKY) is your canvass!!! I love it! Thanks for sharing.


Maestro Jim
Posted by Jim on April 13th, 2009 at 1:47 PM