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Ultralight Camping Oven

by Tyler

Here is a screenshot from SolidWorks (a 3D CAD design program) of the assembly for our camping oven:

Bicycle Touring Oven - 3D Model

Learning how to do 3D CAD design the last week or so has been an absolute blast, I feel like a little kid who just discovered legos all over again.

I've quickly become aware of how easy it would be to blow a lot of time tinkering with this software inventing things. Maybe when we get back I'll save up and buy some rapid prototyping equipment and try my hand at being an inventor :p

I found someone with a degree in industrial design who had a look at my files and said they were sound and ready to be run, now I just need to talk to a metallurgist to determine the best materials and find someone with a water jet who can make it!

Cool :D