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Orchard Update, Spring 2016

by Tara

I thought for sure a two-week trip to the midwest would mean we'd miss an event on the homestead I'd been eagerly anticipating: the blossoming of our fruit trees! Fortunately, I was wrong. Just a few days after our return, our trees are leafing out and bursting into bloom with the smallest, most delicate white and pink flowers I've ever seen. I'm so happy we didn't miss the display!

Fruit Tree Blossoming Flowers Orchard Fruit Tree Blossoming Flowers Fruit Tree Blossoming Flowers Spring Leaves Orchard

On a less positive note, our peach tree has yet to show signs of life—I'm hoping it's a late bloomer/leafer. And apparently, fruit growers aren't hopeful for a bumper crop this year, as we've had some hard frosts late in the season. I guess we'll find out!