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by Tyler

We left our empty hostel around 10AM for a day of walking around Mahdia, hopeful that we'd witness some of the festivities of Eid al-Adh firsthand.

Tyler Leaving Hostel Neptune Restaurant

It wasn't long before we found several trails of blood in the streets. They led to more than one family completing the sacrifice of their lamb for the holiday.

Eid al-Adh Sheeps Head Eid al-Adh Sheep Slaughter Mama and Baby Eid al-Adh Sheep Slaughter Mahdia Door

We witnessed several people mopping bloodied floors inside their houses (to drains near the doors). Yesterday we learned that the sacrifice generally occurs in the home. It was pretty intense to witness the carnage. Though we didn't get any photos of the families cleaning inside, we did capture this little girl cleaning up; she seemed to be playing more than anything!

Squeegee Girl Squeegee Girl

In keeping with our endless kitty photos, while we rested on a park bench during midday we heard a yowling we couldn't locate for a good ten minutes. Then, we looked up:

Yowling Kitty Kitty on the Roof

We continued our walk around the peninsula, following the tranquil shoreline. There was quite a bit of trash littering the otherwise beautiful area.

Flying Trash Safia Mahdia Shore View Graves Seaside Us Tyler Putting on his Sandals Scoop

After our walk we headed back to town; there is a cafe nearby with free wifi from which I am posting this. Along the way we managed to get permission to snap a few photos of the people.

Old Mahdian Man Mahdia Kid

This is the view in front of the cafe:

Mahdia Beach

In a few minutes we'll head home to get some rest, the massive amphitheater at El Jem is up tomorrow!