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Preparing the Workshop for a Plastering Crew, Part One

by Tara

With Chad and Carly's mid-June arrival looming, we've been working like crazy to ready our homestead. We're going to be on vacation in California for two weeks prior to their arrival, so everything needs to be finished before we leave! First off, we've been focused on our workshop/art studio, which needs to be prepped for its final interior coat of plaster.

Grindbygg Studio in Evening Springtime Light Closing Mountain View in Springtime Evening Light

We've cleared out a lot of stuff, and organized what remained in plastic totes and job boxes...

Tara Reading College Yearbook in Studio Cleaning & Organizing Grindbygg Studio

...and I've spent days doing edging, cleaning up messes from the previous round of plastering.

Grinbygg Studio Interior View

We dismantled the walkway that ran over all of our tie beams, and moved the lumber we were storing in the loft to our wood shed.

Grindbygg Strawbale Workshop in Progress Truck Loaded with Wood to Put in Wood Storage

We've also done some demolition, resizing the box that hides the termination of our radiant heating system into a smaller, less-weird shape.

Framing Around Radiant Heat Termination Tyler Marking Radiant Heat Termination Box for Resizing Tyler Resizing Radiant Heat Termination Box Tyler Resizing Radiant Heat Termination Box w/ Sawzall

We're getting close!