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Finish Work on the Solar Shed

by Tara

It's amazing what we can get done when there isn't a foot of snow on the ground! This weekend was full-on spring, with glorious warm weather and sunny skies. To celebrate and make the most of it, we spent every single hour of daylight tying up the loose ends on our numerous unfinished homesteading projects. First up, we worked on the solar shed.

We did a a boatload of little finishing projects, from attaching trim around the door, to fitting plywood sheathing on the interior walls, to wiring the outlets, to adding insulation to the walls and ceiling.

Hammering Solar Shed Door Trim Tara Measuring Plywood Tara Cutting Plywood for Solar Shed Interior Sheathing Tyler Cutting Electric Box Hole Tara Measuring Plywood for Electric Box Hole Solar Shed Light Illuminated Lightswitch Wiring

We also built the shed's door by carefully attaching excess siding to a piece of pressure treated plywood. We had a general idea of what to do, but mostly we just winged it. When it was done, Tyler got inside the building and held the door from falling in, while I stood on the outside, looking at it from afar to see if it was straight. We shimmed various corners to get the spacing right, and then affixed some rustic-y barn hinges to it.

Making Solar Shed Door Attaching Solar Shed Door Solar Shed Door!

And then BOOM! Door!

Solar Shed

Next up: finally making our workshop water tight!