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Nikola Tesla Museum

by Tyler

I've long been a fan of Nikola Tesla. When we were planning our route and I realized that it passed through his home country of Serbia, I was excited to learn there was a museum dedicated to his work there. So, today, nearly two years after we stuck a pin in a map halfway around the world, we went!

Nikola Tesla Museum Nikola Tesla Statue

One of the first displays we saw: Nikola Tesla's ashes. Spooky.

Nikola Tesla's Ashes

Here, an invention which revolutionized the world: Tesla's induction motor powered by his polyphase alternating current. Every time you plug something in, you're using an invention made by a man modern history has all but forgotten.

Nikola Tesla Induction Motor

Of course, there were many Tesla coil displays as well. Apart from looking cool, Nikola Tesla was convinced that with slight variations on the design he could power the entire world wirelessly with them, inducting energy from the Earth's magnetic field.

Tesla Coil Demo Tesla Coil

In 1899, transmitting 100 million volts of high-frequency electric power wirelessly over a distance of 26 miles, he lit up a bank of 200 light bulbs which were simply stuck into the ground.

Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla

All of this only scratches the surface of his genius. Many of his inventions, such as the tesla turbine are only being realized today. Read more about him here. What a cool museum!