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Hills & Re-Organization

by Tara

We decided to sleep through a rainy early-morning, which proved to be a wise choice since the rain soon stopped and the wind dried our tent. We packed up in record time (we're getting better at it) and headed off in the direction of Berwick upon Tweed, a town very near the border with England. For hours, we pedaled and pushed and climbed up a monster of a hill, the whole time battling a fierce headwind. It was very difficult and it felt endless, but at least the views were incredible.

Tara Pushing

Somewhere near(ish) the top, we stopped to check out some rugged-looking cows, and further along, some adorable sheep. One little lamb came running towards me and I was able to pet it for a minute before its mom came and ushered it away from the weird-looking stranger on a bike.

Cute Lamby Lamb Cute Lamb

We finally started going somewhat downhill, although the headwind was still making its presence known. After a mere 13 miles, we decided to end our day in the coastal town of Eyemouth. We settled on a small hotel/bed & breakfast in the center of town, and were welcomed by the very friendly owner. He told us some history of Eyemouth, including some interesting facts(?) such as how this very hotel used to be home to the famous Scottish philosopher, David Hume. He made us feel completely at home, telling us to help ourselves to food in the fridge, and to take nice, hot baths in the bathtub on the floor below us.

We spent the rest of the evening re-organizing. Lately every time we need something we wind up opening every single pannier trying to find it. Inevitably the thing we're looking for is at the bottom of the very last one. We took everything out, reorganized, got rid of some stuff we didn't need, and felt very accomplished.

While we were working we talked about how doing this trip feels like a full-time job. Planning to have enough food and water, figuring out where we want to go, writing in our journal and the actual riding take up almost every hour of every day. We aren't complaining though; it is a very, very rewarding job, filled with wonderful things and beautiful scenery! In any case, we both hope that as we become a well-oiled traveling team we'll have lots more down time. We'll see!

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Beautiful pictures of the little lamb and mother, I read your journal every morning when I get up and after, I feel, that I need to go back to bed again. I admire you both, I'd call a cab. Have a wonderful time, even if you have to climb mt. to do it. Love ya both, GM
Posted by The Mathman on April 10th, 2009 at 5:55 AM
Hi, Guys. Greetings from Bunker Hill. I love to follow your adventures. Grandpa says "Hi".
G'Ma Jeanne.
Posted by djmarsh on April 11th, 2009 at 8:15 PM