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Happy Anniversary to Us!

by Tara

We celebrated our one-year anniversary of being together with a trip to the cities to get vaccinated. This was not my ideal way of celebrating, but it does have its perks, like being able to rest easy in other countries, knowing we probably won't get sick. It was not an easy decision to get immunized- I've grown up to be fairly wary of shots and doctors and things, and we're both pretty cocky about our immune systems. However, we will be gone a long time, sometimes in some pretty remote places, and we want to keep each other safe.

…as soon as you step off of US soil, you're basically going to die instantly because every other place in the world besides the good old USA is backwards and DANGEROUS!

So, we went in for our shots. I was really scared. Overall, the place was great, the lady was nice, and the vaccines relatively painless. When we got there, the woman had made us a book (talk about service!) with information for the countries we're going to, with disease information, vaccine information, and touristy information for all of them. She sat us down and we talked about each vaccine, yay-ed or nay-ed each one, and then while she prepared the needles we had to watch a crappy doom-and-gloom video. It offered tidbits of really helpful information (yeah right), like how to pack different colored clothing so you can mix and match. The main point of the movie, though, besides providing enlightening bits of travel wisdom, could be summed up as: as soon as you step off of US soil, you're basically going to die instantly because every other place in the world besides the good old USA is backwards and DANGEROUS.

Somehow, getting needles jabbed into my arm seemed like a better alternative to watching this movie. I opted to go first. I was honestly amazed at how I could hardly feel the needles. I thought she was just getting things ready, but before I knew it, she was all done. My arms were a little sore that night, but really and truly, it barely hurt at all. Tyler's hurt more, his arms were more sore. We were pretty out of it and hurty when we decided to go to Denny's for our anniversary dinner. :-)

When we arrived back home, Tyler came down with flu-like symptoms. Then there was the slightly worrisome next evening when he had a 101°F fever and went to bed at 6:30 at night. I took care of him and tried not to worry, but I was a little scared there for awhile. Of course, there was nothing to worry about, but it's never a good thing when your partner isn't doing well. Things are all back to normal, now, health-wise. Happy Anniversary to us!

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congrats on your anniversary! can't wait to see you both soon!
Posted by lian on November 15th, 2008 at 11:19 PM
Guys , I've been backtracking on reading your adventure.Finished with the Mongolian trip and started with the start :) .Even though all the world outside US is dangerous seems like an over statement but I really appreciate the length at which US govt goes to protect the interest of it's citizens. Anyway loved the way you guys have narrated your experience, Cheers!
Posted by Tejas A. Dongre on May 5th, 2014 at 4:16 AM