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August 2013, in Photos

by Going Slowly
Jenna's Sheep Jasper the Pony & Jenna's New Piglets Tyler Making Outdoor Shower Tara Felling Tree Fire on our Hillside Hercilia's Mom Hercilia & Marshmallow Star Trails Over Our Land Greg Stripping Timber Frame Wall Plate Bark Joanna Stripping Timber Frame Post Bark Tyler Counterbalancing Wall Plate (Hanging from Log) Adnan, Peter & Amy by the Fire Us Leveling Post Ears by Adnan Working in the Rain Peter Leveling Everything Grindbygg Log Lifting Workshop Camp Kitchen & Trailer by Moonlight Going Slowly Grindbygg Timberframing Class 2013 Group Photo First Dinner Under the Grindbygg Rick Trent Goofing Around Trent & Tyler Balancing Grindbygg Bent Jenna Tara Cutting Rafter Tenon Tyler Cutting Rafter Tenon W/ EDM Tracer II Rafter Tenon Ready for Chiseling Us Hoisting Rafter Tyler Fitting Rafter Tenon/Mortise