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August 2014, in Photos

by Going Slowly
Tyler Tending Wet Straw Fire Tara Painting Face Around Nook in Strawbale Wall Tyler & Tony (Dad) Tara Stuffing Straw Behind Wire Mesh in Strawbale House Peak Tony (Dad) & Tyler's Wired Electrical Box Tyler Wiring Deep Cycle Batteries in Series Tyler Starting Mortar Mixer w/ Tie Down Strap Joy Plastering Kevin Plastering Us Being Silly (House-Building Zombies) Straw Bale Wall Plastering in Progress Nate of Vermont Foam Insulation Tara Plastering Strawbale Wall Tyler Assembling Staves on Wood Fired Hot Tub HUGE Volunteer Delicata Squash in Compost Bin Ivica & Karina Greg & Joanna Washington County Fair Rodeo Jenna Us w/ Brett & Mika Tyler Sitting in Window Seat of Strawbale House