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Athens Animals

by Tara

There are lots of stray cats and dogs running around Athens. Actually, to be more accurate, they are usually loafing around. Here are two such loafers:

Athens Scruffy Cat Athens Sleepy Dog

And then there are other animals… these guys belong to the Museum of Popular Greek Musical Instruments. After our visit to the museum we found three turtles outside eating lettuce in the grass and generally being jerks to one another.

Turtle Eating Lettuce

For no apparent reason, one turtle decided he would head-butt another one with its hard shell. He'd crane his neck out to get ready, then careen himself forward, retracting his head into the shell before jabbing a battering-ram-like protrusion of his shell into the other guy. The victim was smacked so many times that he was scooted across the ground and eventually cornered against a wall where he took even more of a beating!

Turtle Bite

Big Fat Meanie.