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Workshop Slab Concrete Pour: Part One

by Tyler

The day we've been preparing for is finally here. The workshop foundation is being poured! Our masons, Pete and Chris are the first to arrive, at 6:30AM. Next comes Rick, and then the concrete trucks, right on schedule at 7AM. Though we've only just begun, tensions are running high. Apparently, two of the guys Pete hired to help are no-shows, leaving him and his new apprentice Chris to handle the entire pour by themselves.

If I had a pair of rubber boots I'd be in there helping. Shorthanded or not, the concrete is here, and our slab is being poured right now. The driver of the cement mixer starts the barrel turning, and our woods are filled with the roaring of machinery once more. As concrete begins flowing down the chute, Pete starts barking orders at his apprentice Chris. It's hectic, and they're rushing like crazy to keep up with the rapidly-drying concrete.

Concrete Truck Arrives to Pour Workshop Foundation Chris and Incoming Concrete Incoming Concrete

Today's pour is going to require three trucks: two fully loaded, and one on "will call". Once we're sure how much we need to finish the job, I will call it in and they'll send the last load ASAP. The first two batches go in quickly, and as the second nears completion, I try to ask Pete how much more we need. He's pretty ornery this morning, no doubt owing to the lack of help, and he gruffly yells, "just get what I calculated!"

Pete & Chris Spreading Concrete

So, I do the math based on what we talked about earlier this week, and call in four additional yards. As the second truck dumps the last of its load, I'm getting concerned. It doesn't look like we need anywhere near four more yards. Hell, with the way it is spreading, we might not need any! When I bring this up with Pete, he is shocked to hear that I've already ordered the last truck.

He was so absorbed what he was doing that he didn't realize what I was asking. It's only been about 3 minutes, so I quickly call to cancel the order, but it's too late. They were waiting under the loader for my call—they dropped the concrete in seconds after. As we speak, four yards of concrete we don't need is on the way. Goodbye $500. Fuck!!