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Riding in Cambodia: A Day in Pictures

by Going Slowly

While we are really enjoying our time in Cambodia, there is one thing we would change: the long distances between accomodation. With no tent, we're regularly cycling much further than we'd like (100-120km) in a single day. This morning, we have another lengthy ride in front of us, so we fuel up on noodles before leaving town.

Noodles for Breakfast

Keeping our minds occupied as we pedal, is Cambodia's unending stream of activity.

Monks decked out in saffron robes:

Cambodian Monks Walking

Bicycles aplenty:

Cambodian Basket-Carrying Bicyclists

People hard at work in the fields:

Grass-Carrying Cambodian Man

More prodigious Cambodian packing:

Our Bikes & Cambodian Truck of Bikes

Roadside statue stores (who buys these?!):

Cambodian Lawn Ornament Shop

Over-the-top speaker installations, blasting Cambodian pop:

Roadside Sound System

Simple houses on stilts to protect them from flooding:

Cambodian House Cambodian House Cambodian House

Working women:

Cambodian Woman & Girl

…some wearing krama:

Old Cambodian Woman

…others in their PJs, sawing up the daily ice delivery:

Cambodian Woman Sawing Block of Ice

…and still more, perched on the back of scooters:

Cambodian Couple on Scooter

Palm tree after palm tree, baking in the sun:

Palm-lined Highway

The ubiquitous tillers, used for everything from fieldwork to transportation:

Cambodian Wooden Wagon

And our favorite, the endless parade of kids who cheer our aching legs onwards:

Khmer Kids Waving Hello Khmer Kids Waving Hello

Eventually the sun loses its edge, drifting closer to the horizon. We stop once more at a market to fuel up on snacks for the final push, while a woman eyes our bikes skeptically. Only about twenty kilometers to go; let's hope we make it before dark!

Cambodian Archway Cambodian Girl Eying our Bikes Cambodian Bicycle

One hundred and six kilometers later, we arrive in Pursat, exhausted. A clean, air-conditioned hotel with wi-fi for a whopping seven dollars a night is located, and showers are enjoyed as the sun sets. We're bordering on delirious when it comes time for dinner, so we choose the first restaurant we can find, and order up a few dishes of I'm-so-hungry-I-don't-even-care-what-it-is.

As the life returns to our bodies, we capture the final image of the day:

Nighttime Jump Roping