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Strawbale Workshop: Day Zero, Evening

by Tara

Our workshop participants are here! (Well, most of them, anyway) This afternoon was a whirlwind of meeting and greeting, vehicle parking, and staking out of camp spots. I've done so much talking and smiling in the last few hours that my jaw hurts! We've just gotten home from supper with Andrew (who is hilarious and wonderful as always) and some of the workshop participants, and I can already tell that this is going to be a great group.

Carol, Josh & Ashley at Strawbale Workshop Andrew

One of the things I love most about workshops is that they allow for a convergence of really interesting folks, most of whom have a story to tell. While it can be draining for me to be around so many people all the time, socializing approximately 8000x more than I usually do, it's also really inspiring and exciting to hear what folks are up to, their plans, goals, and dreams. I have no doubt that this workshop will follow suit.

Tomorrow, it's game on bright and early for Becky and me, beginning with breakfast preparations. After that, we'll clean up and start in on lunch prep. And thus it shall proceed for the next seven days. I've gone over my lists so many times that I'm sure we're ready. Plus, we've already cooked many of the dishes we'll need for tomorrow and Tuesday. Still, I have butterflies in my stomach about the non-stop pace of providing three meals a day for twenty people!

I'm excited and nervous about this upcoming cooking marathon, and also very grateful to our neighbors. To Jeremy and Hercilia for offering up fridge space for massive pots of chili, to Charlie for being the coffee and ice man and all-around great guy, and mostly to Becky, for being my co-planner and co-chef this week. I cannot begin to express how thankful I am that she—cheerful, psyched, and seasoned in the art of making food for loads of people—will be by my side.

Have I ever mentioned that we have the best neighbors ever? Because we do. ;)