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The Kitchen, Part Three: Drawers & Other Progress

by Tara

Most of the kitchen cabinetry project has been easier than I thought it would be, but there is one task that has been difficult since the start: making drawers. Despite Ana White's insistence that installing drawers is an simple job, it has not been. Even what should have been a straightforward task—ordering the right parts—was a challenge. There's been brain-melting mental gymnastics, enraged swearing, and lots of impatient drawer opening and closing around here lately.

Installing Blum Tandem Drawer Slides in Kitchen Cabinet Installing Blum Tandem Drawer Slides in Kitchen Cabinet Building Blum Tandem Drawers for Kitchen Cabinets

Of course, now that I'm nearly done with the project, I'm getting the hang of it. At the moment, I feel like there is nothing more satisfying in life than a drawer that actually opens and closes smoothly! Every time I open one (any drawer, not just my own), I marvel at the fact it works at all.

The rest of the build is going much more smoothly. I've been finishing the carcasses, face frames, and doors, and painting them all. I can't wait to be done so I can actually start using my new kitchen!

Tara Building Kitchen Cabinet Crowded House (Painting Cabinets) Tara Measuring Plywood for Cabinets Crowded House/Construction Site Tyler Constructing Face Frame for Vent Hood Cabinet