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Trimming the Cold Roof

by Going Slowly

This afternoon, we trimmed the cold roof sheathing which was overhanging the eaves by an extra two feet or so. On paper, the process looked quick and easy: just snap a chalk line and cut the extra plywood off. In practice, most of actual work was shuffling our one set of scaffolding around the house and making sure it was level enough to safely stand on. It's a lovely view from up there!

Tyler Cutting Excess Plywood on Cottage Roof Tyler Cutting Excess Plywood on Cottage Roof Tara Cutting Excess Plywood on Cottage Roof Us View from the Roof Late Fall Wood Piles Viewed from Our Roof

Cold roof trimming... DONE!

Tyler, Cold Roof Vent Jedi Tyler, Cold Roof Vent Jedi


Just finished reading your homesteading saga thus far...

Absolutely. Amazing.

Looking forward to the next entry!
Posted by Tim on January 30th, 2015 at 1:03 PM
aw, guys - we're all rooting for you! having built (still building!) a house over the past year as well, i can relate to a good deal of the frustration, tears and angst. but man - your place is so, so beautiful. i hope that now - or very soon - you get the opportunity to just bask it that fact. beside the wood stove.
Posted by Zoe Tilley Poster on January 30th, 2015 at 1:11 PM
AHHH...Where are the updates! I just finished a marathon of blog reading (like days when I should have been running tps reports) and I have no new T&T updates and it's now February! I hope you guys didn't get froze out or have to resort to eating each other or anything worse! I found one of you guys, well tyler, on Twitter and he has recent activity by a cute little fireplace so I hope you guys at least got out of the camper and have a cozy fire! Looking forward to a quick update, perhaps a playful vlog while the content is being created for this blog?

I just stumbled upon you guy's blog while searching for timber frame goodness and I have read almost every page since you guys picked up the land, camper, met new friends, and built a beautiful structure that looks more and more like a home! The workshop is almost what I am looking for as a "pole barn" for our little homestead, but perhaps with a bit longer overhang to accompany some kidding areas and tractor equipment. Not sure, but I was almost convinced that a roundwood barn was going to be out of my building depth, time frame, and/or financially impossible, but this journal has renewed my interest in creating a shelter that is not just a shelter, but visually exciting with a personality all it's own. Still completely blown away by you guys story of very little "nothing" on your property to two big a$$ somethings on your property and Solar!

I will try and reach out to you guys via e-mail or other as I think I have an idea what the cat-6 cable is ran for to the solar shed! My mind has been thinking of all the arduino's, Raspberry Pi's, and various sensors that can be connected and fed back to the internet to help fine tune all solar, heating, cooling, weather, etc from the next years to come. Am I far off?

Thanks for sharing your Journey! I look forward to reading or watching more!
Jason N.
Posted by Jason N (jclaudii) on February 3rd, 2015 at 11:32 AM