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Getting Sand For Lime Plaster

by Going Slowly

For our plaster, we are using a sand comprised of several aggregate sizes. The grains range from very fine to extremely coarse. This type of sand has different names from region to region; at our yard it's sold as "double wash."

Tyler Shoveling Sand For Plaster Mix

When we say "our yard," we mean the local gravel yard. The first step for any visit is to drive over a scale so the lady at the little booth next to it can get the weight of our unladen truck. Then, we drive through a small mountain range of different sands, parking next to the hill of double wash.

Dailey's Yard

Eventually, a guy in a front-end loader arrives. Our truck, which normally feels gigantic, is like a child's toy by comparison.

Front End Loader at Dailey's Yard

When the front-end loader scoops fills the truck, it groans and sinks under the weight.

Loading Sand at Dailey's Yard Front End Loader Dumping Sand in Truck Bed

Once the bed is full, we drive back to the scale, where the lady calculates the difference. And then, it's back home for more plastering!