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Solar Shed Work Bench

by Tyler

One of the last things we did today was build a corner work bench inside the solar shed. I am seriously beside myself with excitement about this. As soon as we were done, I put my soldering iron, multimeter, flux, "third hand" and other electronic tools on the surface, stepped back, and literally jumped for joy: One of my hobbies and its associated equipment now has a real home!

Tyler Screwing Workbench Support in Solar Shed

Instead of being shoved in some inaccessible corner of our camper, the tools are sitting right where they belong, in a place Tara and I made specifically for them. In truth, the workbench is just a small shelf, but symbolically, it means so much more. I feel as though I actually have a life now—I'm no longer solely living in a crappy camper in the middle of some random woods in Vermont. I have a workbench!

Solar Shed Workbench!
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You're so good to help us appreciate all these little details of 'normal' life that we take for granted!
Like I would take for granted that 30th of March is a spring day, no?

But here in Quebec city, after one of the coldest winter in years, this day of snow storm feels just like we'd be the 30th of January with no less than 10 feet of snow in front of my house!!! Just sayin' so you don't take for granted your nice spring weather in southern Vermont...;-)

So, the word for today was: GRANTED, as in...
Posted by David Brrrr.. on March 30th, 2014 at 8:40 PM
Weller-power! I'm loving it!
Posted by Matias on April 2nd, 2014 at 12:44 PM