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Workshop Roof Decking Complete

by Tyler

The decking for our workshop roof is complete! Unfortunately, things didn't go exactly as planned. I was hoping the last course of boards would overlap the ridge by a few inches on either side, allowing for a small miter cut to form a nice seam at the peak. Instead, the excess we included in our measurements when laying the first course of decking was lost to small gaps between the forty odd rows.

Tyler Sawing Roof Decking Tyler Screwing Roof Decking Grindbygg Timber Frame Rafter Peak Grindbygg Timber Frame Rafter Peak

As a result, the tongue on the final course of decking is too high. There is no wood where the miter joint should be, and no room to lay another board. Luckily, this only happened on one side of the roof. At the moment, I think I'm just going to cover the joint up with a triangular piece of trim along the inside of the peak. That way it won't matter how I join the two sides together because you wont be able to see it from the inside.

Grindbygg Timber Frame Rafter Peak

...and with that, construction for 2013 is complete!