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Grindbygg Timber Framing Course: Day Four

by Going Slowly

It's day four of the workshop and we're starting to feel slightly competent!

Grindbygg Bent Diagram

Here are some pictures from another day at the worksite:

Tyler Drilling Peg Hole Tyler Drilling Peg Hole Grindbygg Peg Hole Shavings Trent Drilling Knee Brace Peg Hole Grindbygg Post III Peter Demonstrating the Froe Peter Demonstrating the Shave Horse Trent Drawkniving Grindbygg Pegs Deanne Splitting Grindbygg Pegs Grindbygg Log Lifting Kit Drawing Plumb Line Arturo Chiseling Grindbygg Tie Beam Neck Joint Deanne Chiseling Grindbygg Tie Beam Joint

Tomorrow afternoon, our final class day, Rick will be here to raise one of the bents with the excavator. Let's hope we're ready!